Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
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The AMX X-SAM M-51 is a new system designed for quality control in power electronics industries.

An high precision acoustic microscope provided with and intuitive software interface to easily perform R&D activities or day by day sampling inspection on production.

M-51 is designed for Lab and clean room environments. Easy to use in R&D testing and analysis and quality inspection after sintering or after other bonding operations. The Base Unit consists of the safety enclosed frame + Monitor + customized PC with integrated system for Scanning acoustic microscopy Analysis.

  • Desktop unit
  • Transducer (depending on option)
  • Manual loading/unloading
  • AMX Workstation with Win 10
  • HD Monitor
  • AMX software interface
  • AMX remote assistance software tool (option)
  • Water tank - Manual system
  • Safety emergency button
  • Various design Parameters can be easily set via operator panel and saved
  • Operative Manual
Clean Room & Prototyping
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