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Worldwide patents in power electronic equipment (Sintering Press - Silver Sintering/Copper Sintering and Scanning Acoustic Microscopy).

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Who we are

AMX starts its original business in customized automation solutions for the electric-automotive industry, producing turnkey processing lines, stemming from a long internal experience and from an ethos of collaboration with clients.

Since the very beginning, AMX launches itself into the automation market with a more efficient methodology, introducing for the first time the concept of modularity, with its awarded X Smart Station.

We always considered research and innovation as the cornerstone of our philosophy, in order to guarantee our clients with the most technologically advanced, up to date, and reliable machinery.

Thanks to this strong attitude toward research and engineering, we were able to start and create a new business line to improve and grow the company.
We approached the power electronics field, identifying the technical gaps and the future market trend. Then after years of study research, we developed and patented a range of die-attach related equipment, now known all over the world.

Automation Equipment and Electronics Equipment are the two big AMX divisions.

AMX is present worldwide thanks to long-established and reliable partnerships

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