Reliability of Copper Sintered Interconnects Under Extreme Thermal Shock Conditions

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  • Sri Krishna Bhogaraju (Institute of Innovative Mobility, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt, Germany)
  • Francesco Ugolini (AMX Automatrix srl, Gavardo, BS, Italy)
  • Federico Belponer AMX Automatrix srl, Gavardo, BS, Italy
  • Alessio Greci AMX Automatrix srl, Gavardo, BS, Italy
  • Gordon Elger Institute of Innovative Mobility, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Ingolstadt, Germany

AMX Automatrix X-Sinter press gamma is Silver copper pressure sinteringi capable. Here a recent article related to Copper Sintered Interconnects Reliability for power semiconductor application.


Copper flakes-based sinter paste showed high reliability under thermal shock conditions. A dense and homogeneous interconnect was realized while sintering for 5 min at 275°C under 15 MPa bonding pressure, with the flakes showing the unique behavior of stacking over each other to realize a dense and homogeneous interconnect. Porosity under 10 % could be achieved. The paste could be sintered under a constant nitrogen flow and did not need a fully inert atmosphere during sintering. Under high stress thermal shock cycling of + 175/-65°C, the sintered interconnects showed a drop of 25% in the shear strength values after 1000 TST, consistent with observations made with Ag sintering. Thermal conductivity more than 200 W/mK and electrical conductivity of 20 Ms/m is achieved using the Cu sinter paste.

Published in:

2023 24th European Microelectronics and Packaging Conference & Exhibition (EMPC) Cambridge (UK)

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