Ag/Cu Pressure Sintering Technology for Power Semiconductors

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AMX Automatrix pressure sintering equipment for power electronics. This paper Paper presented as “invited technological innovation company” during several worldwide conference, including IEMT conference by IEEE Malaysia (Putrajaya Oct. 2022), IMAPS UK (Nottingham Nov. 2022), NordPac Europe (Stockholm, June 2022)


Electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EVs and HEVs) are creating an increasing demand for power modules mainly for main powertrain inverter, on board chargers and fast charging stations. OEMs and Tier1 are also demanding lots from the modules and to Semiconductor Industries and SATS, such as the ability to switch high voltages at high frequencies into loads that draw hundreds of Amps. Increase the power density is nowadays priority and main goal for all the manufacturers including: batteries, fuel cells, inverters, motors, power supply units etc. Increase power density require the use of modern materials (including the transaction from Si standard Chips to SiC or GaN). New methods are emerging to increase performances, efficiency, reduce defect and consequently reduce cost.
Due to the rapid and high increasing of power density, pressure sintering is the new reliable joining technology in power elec-tronics. Ag or Cu micro (or also Nano) particles pressure sintering show outstanding results in comparison with soldering or other standard methods. Due to the increasing complexity of power module:  the AMX Patented Micro Punch System is nowa-days considered one of the most advanced methods to guarantee less waste of components, and to assure to the entire package best performances,  longer lifetime and outstanding reliability. Nowadays is finally possible to pressure sinter practically all the elements of the package, including Clips, Clips, passive components, Sensors IGBRs and other elements (like, copper foils etc), Spacers and second DBC on top in case of DSC
Keyword s— pressure sintering, AMX Automatrix, power density, package assembly, SiC bonding, Ag, Cu, DSC (key words).

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About AMX - AMX Automatrix is an Italian company 100% focus on pressure sintering equipment with full range of equipment form R&D to mass production and solid installation base in USA, Europe, UK, China, Taiwan, Japan and all south-asia pacific area.
AMX established in 2011 thanks to the great and successful experience of the Schivalocchi’s family business: the Copromec Group (1998). AMX starts its original business in customized automation solutions for the electric automotive industry, manufacturing turn-key processing back end lines and stand-alone testing stations. Since the very beginning, AMX launches itself into the automation market with a much more efficient methodology, introducing for the first time the concept of “modularity”, with its awarded X Smart Station. AMX always considered research and innovation as the cornerstone of its corporate philosophy, in order to guarantee its clients with the most and technologically advanced up to date and reliable machineries. Thanks to this strong attitude toward research and engineering and its own qualified R&D Dept., AMX was able to start and create a new business line to improve and grow the com-pany. AMX approached the Power Electronics sector, identifying the technical gaps and the future market trend. Therefore, after years of study, prototyping and research, AMX developed and patented a range of die-attached related equipment, now known all over the world. AMX has established durable business partnership with worldwide companies including research institutes, chemical advanced material suppliers, Semiconductor industries, Tier1, SATs, OEMs.T

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